The current victories of the Pirate Party of Germany are reviving the international debate concerning the value of information. In their governance project, sharing, privacy, freedom and transparency are their words of order. Changing the way we do politics and transforming democracy through digital technologies, are stated objectives.

This young party, in addition to being reported as a “virus” in European politics, has obtained the support of those voters that are dissatisfied with the performance of the traditional political parties, both on the left and on the right. And the “virus” seems to be spreading. Since 2006 more than 40 countries have raised the pirate flag inspired by Sweden, where the first party was born.

Within the so-called “Information Society”, the emergence of a “Pirate Party” calls for a reflection that goes beyond the amount of parliamentary seats. It calls for a critical analysis that needs to go beyond the media frenzy in order to contemplate the whole historical and structural aspects involving information, knowledge and communication as the center of contemporary economy and politics.

From this point of view, this conference proposes a debate concerning the political and economic contest that is being waged internationally on information. The intention is to call into question: 1) the role of technoscience in the process of symbolic reification, 2) the current laws and public policies that regulate the production of culture, communication and knowledge and 3) the relation between information sharing and the monopoly of the digital market.

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